Make Your Own Adorable Easter Cupcakes


Easter is one of my favourite times of the year and as a person that observes lent and has an addiction to sugar by the time we come to Easter I have had weeks with none of the sweet good stuff so clearly what one has to do is bake a bazillion cakes. Usually too many but that’s fine the neighbours certainly don’t mind. If you want to make some cakes like the ones I made above then follow these steps below or if you are more of a visual learner head over to my instagram to find a video of the decorating process.

The things you will need..

  • Baked cupcakes (Recipe available on here)
  • Piping bags
  • Piping nozzles (Wilton are by far the best)
  • Butter icing (Recipe available here)
  • Fondant
  • Gel colours (I use —– they are available here)
  • Shape cutters for cupcake toppers


So when decorating I will usually start with a plan in my head, maybe even on paper if its quite a detailed plan this way you get a visual before you go ahead and start, sometimes something you think will look nice doesn’t quite translate on to a cake so its a good way to avoid this as much as can be.

You want to colour your fondant and roll it out turning a quarter turn on each roll out, this avoids it sticking! Also don’t forget that icing sugar for dusting. I will use a small cookie cutter to cut my fondant toppers this gives me the desired size and they are quite inexpensive. Once cut place them to dry onto some flat greeseproof paper. (Any creases in your paper will show on your topper)

I usually make my own sprinkles as I am not much of a fan of store bought hard sprinkles. to do this I will roll out fondant to 1mm thickness and cut out tiny shapes leaving them at least overnight to dry. Once done these can be kept for months if stored correctly.

For the bunny toppers these are a little more complicated and I will be putting out a full how to video on my instagram to show how to make those so keep a look out for that!

Top 5 decorating tips

  1. You don’t have to use single use plastic piping bags, piping bags can be easily made from grease proof paper if your not using too much icing. There are tones of how to videos on Youtube on how to do this. If you are using single use bags, maybe you have a lot of icing to pipe, these are marketed as single use but quite often with the well made ones can be washed and reused. Save the environment where you can guys!
  2. I always use gel colours, they are more expensive but overall they really aren’t they last a crazy amount of time so in the time you may buy 10 of the cheaper colours you would still have only used half of the pot, tops! They also don’t change the consistency or taste of your icing either so no worrying about sticky fondant. I swear by both PME and Sugarflair for their gel colours I don’t think there are any better out there.
  3. Make toppers ahead of time, if kept correctly they can be stored for a long time and if your anything like me and sometimes feel like making a ballerina but not a batch of cake / cupcakes you can keep hold of it till its ready to take pride of place.
  4. You want quite a cold room for decorating, heat in a room will melt your icing so if your struggling with this issue lower the thermostat and pop a cardigan on you and your fondant will be thankful.
  5. When making flowers or frills or anything you want a more delicate edge on a ball tool is your best friend. It takes flowers from looking amature to looking pro in seconds. Pop the flower on to some foam reserved for this purpose and carefully roll out the edges. Et voila a masterpiece.

I have created a Pinterest board specifically with lots of Easter cupcake ideas so go have a look mix some ideas together and get your bake on!

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