Top Tips for better makeup application

I have worn makeup now for a amount of years that I don’t quite yet want to admit, and through that time makeup products have improved vastly! I can’t say that enough, if you are new to makeup you have no idea what we had to deal with, there was no stay all day matte lipsticks then just lip coat which smelt and felt like covering your lips in the most flammable alcohol possible all just to try and be able to sip that wine and still keep some colour on our lips. That is not even the worst of it just the beginning, but thankfully as technology advanced so did our products and along the way we all picked up some tricks to make these products as best as they can be so lets get into them.

  1. Primer – Primer is an absolute god send as far as I am concerned. I have never been one to use a foundation and still don’t to this very day but I do use concealer… a fair amount too. I have been torchered since I was young with extremely dry skin, crocodile skin I call it, I suffer from stress triggered exema and various skin allergies which, on my face causes a constant dry flakiness, not pretty, but because of this foundations concealers were always a no go for me. Thankfully because of the dryness of my skin I get spots like once a year if that so over all its not been a problem but with skin as pale as mine it gets pretty pink, sometimes I don’t want to look like I’ve just been for a run and when I feel like that I always, always! will use a primer before I use any concealer, it stops my skin from drying out and providing I am using the correct products it will last the day, virtually unheard of for me. I personally am currently in love with E.L.Fs new poreless putty, the only way I can explain how it makes me look is, my face looks like it does with just this product how it does before I put in contacts. Just utter airbrushed. It’s amazing and I adore it, if I had to rate it I would give it a massive, 4 jellybeans!
  2. Clean and moisturised base – I always make sure to wash my face, moisturise or oil and give it a few minuites to set before I do my makeup. Makeup is harsh on our faces so if your going to wear it make sure you are protecting it, you only get one face… unless you can afford a new one but I know I can’t and I feel like pampering your face a little is most likely easier over all. Not just this but if your face has a good level of moisture and oil (not too little/not too much) your makeup is going to go on way more fludily and stay on for much longer than if you skipped this pre-step. Wash your face kids.
  3. Be aware of your eyesite – Now this one is not for everyone there is one group this applies to and that is the beautiful glasses wearing folkes who don’t really use contacts. I personally have quite awful eyesight and am terrible for wearing contacts and glasses, also wearing glasses is kind of impossible when applying makeup. So what I do with this is I get to a comfortable distance away from the mirror in good lighting for my eyes (too dull / too bright and I’m blind) if this means my nose and nearly touching the mirror so be it, better to accidentally knock the brush on the mirror than try to guess where your eye actually ends or begins. Its not worth blinding yourself and also as much as you try it will always be better the clearer you can see.
  4. Natural light – I mentioned it briefly In the last tip but natural light is your best friend, I was forever making the mistake when younger of doing my makeup in a bathroom or bedroom with the curtains drawn and leaving the wondering why my shades were all completely different, ever heard the phrase, “did she get dressed in the dark” I fully believe this is where that came from. If it means moving your mirror around go for it, we all do it, half of the time instead of being at my dressing table I’m sat in the window seat with the mirror balanced precariously.
  5. More isn’t always less – Sometimes it is, eyeliner for example, numerous colours on the eyes (just make sure they compliment each other) with powder however, not the case, too much powder is going to ruin your base and make you look clogged. It’s not pretty and it’s not good for your skin, just powder where you need too, t-zone, cheks, nose little bit on chin, don’t overdo it.
  6. Dead mascara? – So, all makeup tends to have a use by date, some of these is not because the ingredients have gone bad sometimes it’s just because they dry up. Mascara for example tends to dry over the period of 3 months, now if your like me and use either numerous or hardly any each day odds are you will have a fair bit left. Don’t worry you don’t have to throw it away drop in a few drops of saline solution (you can make this yourself, it’s literally salt water) give it a mix around and et’ voila good as new, your welcome.
  7. Thick eyelashes – I’m gonna say it, I hate false lashes, they look amazing but can I do them? Not even in the slightest half of the time i will get scared and quit before I even put any glue on them. If this is you don’t worry you can still get plumped false style lashes by adding a dusting of setting powder on to your lashes in between coats of mascara. They won’t be Cardi style but they will look much thicker.
  8. Stop bleeding lips – Sometimes when we wear lipstick we can get those awful lines where the colour rushes out of our lips into the surrounding areas. They are a nightmare and I hate them, they can ruin the whole lip look. to avoid this all day make up you conceal and powder around your lips before applying any lip products and always line your lips before using a lipstick.
  9. Balanced eyebrows – So when your lining your eyebrows before you go ahead and draw them in you want to get a good idea on where they should sit on your face. The best way I have found of doing this is by using my eyebrow brush placing it alongside my nostril showing the line up to where my eyebrow should start, making a little mark and doing the same on the other side. When I am drawing my arch that changes each day down to how dramatic I’m feeling so only advice I can give there is try not to be too heavy handed and make them match, with the wings (I have no clue on what this part is supposed to be called so there wings now) i make a tapered line from my arch leading in the direction of the tip of my ears, not all the way, might be a bit much. Gel, always gel you will still inevitably touch your eyebrow and panic but you have less of a chance of rubbing it off with gel.
  10. Prep eyelids – Always use some form of prep on your eyelids to get a more vivid colour or smooth application, if it has to be concealer, well I’m not saying use it but I’m also not saying don’t… there are much better products out there I personally use E.L.Fs lip primer. Does the trick.

Well there you have it 10 of my top tips for better makeup application, I have tones, if you guys want more let me know, get to me on Instagram or send me a message on here I would love to hear your thoughts.

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