7 Facts you need to know about Rocky Horror

We all know that Rocky Horror is one of the greatest movies ever and Tim Curry is one of the greatest actors of all time but here are some facts that you just might not already know.

Rocky Horror, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, what ever you want to call it I personally like to call it simply gold. Originally made for the theatre and stared many of the cast as you know and love them including Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter, Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn. Some changes were made in the middle such as; Patricia Quinn originally agreed to the role on the agreement she could sing Science Fiction-Double Feature which she did in the stage show but when it came to the film director Jim Sharman wanted it to be sang by Richard O’Brien alongside almost every other song in the musical except sweet transvestite which was sang by Tim Curry. Patricia Quinn wasn’t completely pushed out though, those beautiful lips your so familiar with singing the song? Well they are her beautiful lips.

The castle that it was filmed in based in Windsor, England is now actually a hotel, yes you can stay there! It’s on my to do too after this lockdown is lifted.

The original script wrote was only 40 minutes long so the song ‘time warp’ was created to fill some space the composer had also pointed out that he felt it needed a dance scene as it was a musical

The filming budget was $1.4m and has since grossed a crazy amount passing $365 million! Not too shabby.

Mick Jagger asked to play Frank-N-Furter but was turned down in favour of Tim Curry, now as much as Mick Jagger is amazing no better call was ever made.. Tim Curry kind of made this movie, nobody could have done Frank-N-Furter the same justice.

The first 20 minuites were supposed to be in black and white but 20th Century Fox refused it. It was planned that it would be in black and white until and only turn to colour when Frank-N-Furter enters. I personally think the metaphore in this is beautiful and think its a real shame it didn’t happen as it was supposed to. What do you guys think? Do you prefer it in colour or wish it was done in black and white?

Susan Sarandon (Janet) and Barry Bostwick (Brad) were actually an item during filming, Bostwick has since spoke about the jelousy he felt during the scene touch-a touch-a touch me at watching Peter Hinwood (Rocky) putting his hands all over his girlfriend. I think that’s quite fair to not enjoy watching an underwear model fondle your girlfriend.

When Rocky Horror was originally released in the United States on VHS it apparently retailed for an eye wartering $89.95! Now I am a huge fan of the flick but I don’t think I am that much of a fan of any movie, I would need some seriously good special features to pay that, I do love some good special features.

Any other fandoms or movies you guys want some facts on? Send me a message and I will pick my favourites to write about

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