13 Drag Race Secrets You Need To Know

So RuPaul has finally moved into the mainstream and now has the platform to make a proper difference in America with how the LGBTQ community are seen *I’m not crying you are* This is such an important issue to myself and many people I know and love and to see some good representation being portrayed by the media is wonderful so in celebration of the Queen herself here are some facts about RuPauls Drag race you just might not yet know.

When filming for the final they actually film 3 different versions depicting each Queen as the season winner. They do this to keep the actual winner a secret until the day it is aired, this is when the queens actually find out who won. You can watch some of the Queens real reactions online and honestly they are one of my favourite things to watch. Still here telling myself Adore won #season6denialftw

This one might be my favourite thing to tell you guys, a RuPaul Lego set called RuPaul’s Brick Race has actually been pitched! Two of my favourite things. In one! genius. Who else would be first in line for this set?

The Queen of Queens Mother tucking nature herself, amazing and beautiful as she is did you know it takes her 6 hours to get ready for the show? I’m willing to bet that’s an hour in makeup and the rest of it in tucking

The Queens actually walk the runway twice on each episode one they walk with the music and the other they walk with the judges commentary, it’s the only way the judges jokes don’t disrupt their flow

iPods are given out at the start of the season with all the lip sync songs ready to learn but the Queens are only told which song they may have to lip sync to the day before they are due to film the episode #littleshady

The show was actually sold on RuPauls first pitch to the network. Now, I don’t know if that was because who the hell is saying no to RuPaul ooooor because he was pitching a show where drag Queens fight for a crown whilst reliving there childhood trauma “I like your dress, so how did it feel to be left at a bus stop?” #PoorRoxxxieAndrews

Ever wondered how the contestants seem to just have the perfect outfits ready for each random challenge? Well, before they appear on the show or make their way to their hotel rooms the Queens are given a vague idea of runway themes and outfits they may need. This way they can make them, buy them or if they are lucky get in touch with top designers to make them for them

Once finished filming for the day the Queens go back to their hotel rooms for the night and are locked in! They even put a piece of tape over the door after the Willam fiasco to make sure the door hasn’t been opened.

On top of not being able to leave their hotel rooms they are not allowed to have their mobile phones for the entire time they are filming so that no spoilers get out to the public. When locked into their hotel rooms the only way they can communicate with the show crew is by passing notes under the door.

Last but by no means least the Queens are asked at every confessional to wear the same outfit so that all clips can be used at any point in the show, not sure I would want some producer deciding how I felt about something but I guess its just another rule they have to abide by, they do say pain is beauty maybe loss of self is the price of sucess? Who knows. RuPaul knows, that and the answer to how to get ever lasting life.

Do you guys have any other juicy Drag race secrets you want including or just a whole new list? Or maybe you have some ideas for a different list? If you do, get in touch I love to hear your ideas and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to get first look at all new content and maybe even some sneaky extras!!

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