9 Harry Potter Things You Need To Buy Immediately

Harry Potter broke in to our lives and into the hearts of children everywhere in 1997 not long later Princess Diana was killed, so, having a book that tells of a world filled with magic was something quite reassuring to the children at the time. I know I personally was one of those children that definitely needed something to help me escape the macabre home life I was in and here came The boy who lived, the boy who against the odds could do it all and I was hooked. Since then nothing has changed, my love and fascination with the wizarding world grew with every new book and movie and now here we are with me pawing through the internet gazing in awe at some of the wizarding world themed items I can now own. Here are just a few from my personal to buy list that I think everybody should have their eyes on!

Lego Hogwarts Castle

I can’t even begin, I nearly screamed when this was released by Lego, I adore Lego, like way to much (like will happily sit and watch people build Lego sets on youtube for hours love)The idea of little tiny Lego Potter and Hagrid is one that fills me with all kinds of happy thoughts but at a staggering £349.99 I think it will be sat on my to buy list for some time.

Lego Hogwarts Express

So Lego now have 18+ sets of Harry Potter themed sets and whilst every single one of them is something I desperately want if I listed them all this would be more of a product advertisement for Lego and that isn’t what I’m going for. Not yet at least. So, in the spirit of keeping my list a small list I will leave it at just this one as an addition. Lego + Harry Potter + Train set = a very sold me and a whole lot more affordable at £74.99 though still kind of up there, definitely not a Happy Un-birthday gift.

Weasley Christmas Jumper

Always wanted me one of these jumpers which you can pick up from Merchoid for £36.99 but only with the original “H” or “R” which I personally would like one to start with my name, which is A. Which leaves me at either learning to knit or paying the price for a human to put there care and love into it… I think I will go with the second option I’m not much of a knitter and whoever is making these beauties over at The Witch’s Cabin clearly has heaps of talent and a love for what they do.

The Grim Tea Cup

There are a few different places you can pick up the Grim tea cup but my favourite by far is the one made by MerlissasMenagerie on Etsy go check out their shop the things available are all made so well and are so beautiful. They even offer Winged flying keys (not literally flying) which are iridescent and just beautiful.

Harry Potter Snow Globe

I have always loved snow globes and to anybody who doesn’t I say this, you’re wrong. That is all. Snow globes are magical little worlds and one of my favourite parts of Christmas is my every growing snow globe collection so that might be why this snow globe is on my list but just look at it! It is magnificent, only available at this snow globe has a light up castle a moving train and plays music. Did they read my mind on the perfect snow globe?

Wizards Chess Set

Now, this one may be more of a dream but just look at it. Die-cast zinc chess pieces made with the exact detail of the chess pieces from the final challenge sequence in the Philosophers stone. Made by The Noble Collection for an eye watering yet completely fair $424.95 (currently on offer for $361.21 for pre-orders)

Deathly Hallows watch

For those occations where you have to dress up but still want to sneakily geek out this watch is so perfect. Official HP merchandise, made from Silver and decorated with Swarovski Crystals you can buy this from the carat shop for £150.

Gringotts Coins

There is something about a velvet pull string purse filled with large jingly coins that gives me warm fuzzys. Unfortunately our money is no where near as awe inspiring so this collection is definitely high on my to buy list I can at least pretend that life is a little more magical.

Time turner necklace

I honestly don’t know how I don’t already own this, so many times over the years I have been on the verge of buying one but never actually have, it might have something to do with the disappointment I know I will feel when it doesn’t turn time… You can pick up two versions of this necklace on Merchoid a basic gold plated version for £15.99 or a highly detailed gold plated version which comes in a beautiful wooden display case for £49.99, I think its worth the extra but the cheaper version is still lovely.

Have you guys got any other things you think should be on my to buy list or any shops that sell amazing Harry Potter merchandise? If you do drop me a message, you can use the contact form or find my on any of my socials, until next time ladies and germs

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