My Entire Table Top Gaming Collection

So, I have always been a big lover of games starting with board games, then PC games then console games but always circling back to board games/ table top games. There is something so satisfying about the touching the pieces and the kinetic energy in the movement (Yes, I’m a nerd get over it) I now have a partner that embraces my love for games so have been able to start building a collection, so here it is, my prized possessions in no particular order

Plague Inc. – One of my all time favourite games, started playing this one as a phone game a few years back but everything changed when I bought the actual tabletop game. Could be preference but I much prefer it

Life Fame Edition – Arguably no where near as good as the original which alarmingly I no longer own but still fun. Instead of filling your car with your family you fill your limousine with your entourage

Monopoly family guy – Before Rick and Morty there was American Dad and before that there was Family Guy. My favourite monopoly to play when I’m feeling a quick 4 four hour game

Make your own oploy – Haven’t gotten around to actually making my own ‘opoly’ yet but it is on the list of things to do during this quarantine. Can not wait to write up all the cards and plan out the chance cards

Monopoly Cheaters – OK, so I defiantly have a love/hate relationship with this game. I love that it comes with an actually handcuff for you to wear while in jail but I hate cheating and am yet to finish this game with actually completing one of the cheat challenges.

Monopoly Millionaire – A new addition to my ever growing monopoly collection and one we are yet to play so can’t really comment on this one but I look forward to playing it when I get around to it

Rick and Morty Cluedo – Cluedo was one of those games that as a kid I always wanted so when it appeared under the tree one Christmas recently I was so happy! The fact that it was themed to one of my favourite shows was such a bonus

Original Cluedo – Well I couldn’t not have the original could I? Sort of original, it does come with some new faces.

Jumanji –  “I’ve seen things you’ve only seen in your nightmares. Things you can’t even imagine; things you can’t even see. There are things that haunt you in the night; then something screams, and you hope to god you will not meet the same fate.” A great man said these words, I’m yet to turn into a Monkey or run from a Rhino but it’s a pretty decent game

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit – What kind of Harry Potter nerd would I be without some form of Harry Potter quiz game. Now, stop messing around and bring out a Monopoly!!

Total Rickall – Is a 2-5 player co-op deduction game designed by Matt Hyra (also the designer for Batman: Arkham City Escape and so many others) where you try and figure out who is the parasite and who is real. I adore a co-op game so this one had me sold immediately and is one of those games you can pop out when ever you have a spare half hour to fill.

Pandemic – The Daddy of all board games my favourite of all time. This game is a mix of team work and strategy which is different every time you play it and once played enough times you can switch and change the rules with your board game buddy (make sure they agree) to keep it fresh.

Pandemic on the Brink – What’s better than the best game in the world I hear you ask? The best game in the world with even more things to do. More characters a new virus and even more ways to play, I sound like an advert I promise you this is not sponsored I just love this game so much. Like so much.

Pass The Bomb – Make sure, as my daughter calls it “your brain is switched on” for this one. A whole lot of the time I will roll the dice and find myself at an ends to think of a word that begins with — I blame the literal ticking time bomb for messing with my already anxious brain. Good game though.

The Ricks Must Be Crazy – Another Matt Hyra game published by Cryptozoic Entertainment where the aim is to generate enough power to build enough contraptions to beat the other players. Something makes me happy inside being able to play as Kyle, I can’t explain it but it does.

Exploding Kittens – No don’t worry, you are not expected to blow up any kittens this game just comes with quite a macabre title, not that I’m complaining. Something that started as a kickstarter project has now sold over 8 million units! Don’t let anybody tell you your kickstarter is stupid you could also be sitting on a diamond.

Anatomy Park – Another from Cryptozoic Entertainment, this time though you are stuck within the deteriorating body of Ruben and need to get out before the curtains call time on this old Santa. You get to mess over your competitors and play with some interesting characters. One of my favourites that’s for sure.

Throw Throw Burrito – I don’t know where to start on this game. Ever wanted an excuse to throw a burrito at your Nan? Enter Throw Throw Burrito. An anxiety inducing battle to the death (not really but it can feel like that) It’s one of the greatest multiplayer party games created since Cards Against Humanity in my opinion.

Banagrams – I love an excuse to play a word game, and something different from Scrabble is just that. Play alone, play against another player its one of those instant classic oldies.

Name 5 – So this is technically a team game but it can be played with just 2 people with a tweaking of the rules, you race against time to name all 5.. makes sense it’s more fun than you might think

In Order To Win – Such a fun game to play with friends, you are given a question and told to put the answers in order you bet on if you think you can get it right and so do your friends, time to find out how much your friends are willing to bet on you

Cards Against Humanity – I hardly think I need to explain this game to you, all I will say is whenever I am gathered with friends or family I am always devestated I don’t carry at least a travel version

Your Worst Nightmare – You would be surprised with how deep this game can go, list your fears in order and list another players in the order you think they would then watch the horror that ensues

The Cube – Did you ever watch that show and think I could do that, play this and you might just change your mind

Cranium – Any excuse to play with play dough am I right? This one is so fun to play with the family and even the kids can join on this one

Are you a robot? – If your as much of a game addict as me then I’m sure you also like a game you can pull out on the train well this can fit in your wallet! Super simple but super fun all you need to do is convince the other player you are not the robot

Hope you guys enjoyed learning about my collection of games, what do you want think of these games? Leave your thoughts in the comments

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