101 things to do during Lockdown

We are all stuck in the same lock down boat and we can either become potatoes, which I’ll admit can be a alluring idea but certainly not good for the health. So here is a list of 101 things you can do in lock down to help the time fly by.

  1. Read a book – I’m sure like me your guys have a mental list of books you want to read well now is the perfect time to get reading.
  2. Bake something sweet – cake, cupcakes a pie what ever your feeling! Go bake up a storm
  3. Bust out the board games – Board games seem to have gone unloved by a whole lot of people left in there cupboards to build up some duct. Board games are sure a great way to spend time with the family when stuck in, maybe leave the monopoly out of it though.
  4. Finally learn yoga – I’m willing to bet at least once in your life you have said the sentence I might try yoga, when better a time to find a way of keeping calm and keeping healthy and stretched than during a lock down?
  5. Start a new workout – I know, I know, work out euchk! But once you start the release of endorphins you get from exercise is enough to keep you going and also give you motivation to get other things done.
  6. Find ways to make more money – It’s always best to have more than one stream of income in fact, top earners claim you should always have at least three healthy streams of income so get online and start looking up how to increase your income
  7. Make some face masks – So I actually mean those wet style ones, you know the ones that clear your skin up. The fabric kind are obviously very important but so is some you time. You can find so many recipes online that you could make a different one every day for a year and still wouldn’t run out of new recipes to try.
  8. Write a short story – Find something you want to write about. It could be about your life it could be completely unrelated but you will feel so accomplished once its finished.
  9. Do some gardening – Plant some flowers, pull up the weeds, clear the toys that the kids left out there.
  10. Press some flowers – Go collect some wild flowers and get pressing there are so many different crafts to do once they are pressed and dried you can even cover them in sugar bake em and put them on top of some cupcakes.
  11. Make an emergency kit – Something that is always handy to have is an emergency kit, be ready for what ever is thrown at you, black outs wont be a problem if you are ready for them.
  12. Organise/De-clutter your home – Let’s be honest everybody accumulates stuff, I personally have a habit of picking up rocks.. why? not a clue but if you look around my house you will find countless add that to the fact I managed to find a partner with the same habit of collecting odd things and you now know why I am constantly have to re organise to keep things neat.
  13. Make some DIY furniture – Take yourself over to pinterest and pick a favourite and actually do it! Don’t just pin it and tell yourself you will one day, today is the day because when else is the entire world going to placed on pause?
  14. Have an indoor picnic – get a blanket, make some sandwiches and have an old fashioned picnic in your livingroom.
  15. Learn to draw – Are you as bad as me at drawing hands? How about eyes that match? Well practice makes perfect
  16. Start an online course – There as so many free online courses out there head over to FutureLearn and see what they have on offer.
  17. Watch a new movie – May I suggest the new Birds of Prey? Its amazing as is the newest Joker
  18. Binge Disney+ – Fill your mornings with the nostalgia of Kim Possible and Recess and your evenings with the good vibes from High School Musical and many other Disney originals.
  19. Write a novel – How many times have you considered writing a novel? once? twice? 47 times? Do it! you don’t know if you can do something until you try so why are you telling yourself you can’t?
  20. Write a song – Same as above, writing a song can often be a therapeutic way to de-cloud your mind, you might thing you are all right but you will be surprised what comes flooding out once you look behind the curtain.
  21. Learn to play an instrument – Have you always wished you could play guitar? Violin? Its time to buy one and just do it, there are many places online to help you learn not to mention virtual teachers and Youtube videos a plenty
  22. Visit virtual gallery – So many gallerys and museums often free virtual tours, go visit the met from the comfort of your sofa when else do you get to look around it in your panda pj’s
  23. Karaoke night – Why do you need a crazy night out when you can have a crazy night in, get your friends online and each take turns singing a song, you could even sing a duet
  24. Start a fitness challenge – Ok’ so there are a billion of these on Instagram and pintrest. Pick one stick to it see how plump you can get your rump
  25. Join the TikTok party – There is no such thing as too late to the party. Its no longer just for the younger teens or for the dancing divas download it make an app you would be surprised how much time you can waste on it watching videos.
  26. Find a pen pal online – Remember when you were a kid and would find pen pals from all over the world to speak to, why did we stop. Go online and find a new pen pal find out what lockdown looks like for them.
  27. Cook something new – Have you ever made Tai? Why not its delicious
  28. Design a new recipe – Yeah cookies are amazing but what if they had macadamia nuts and what if the sugar was a dark brown sugar everything is better when you make it to your personal taste. Just don’t expect to hit gold the first time. Baking is a fine science remember
  29. Learn a language – We are lucky to have many other people in this world that have take the time and effort to learn English so why are we not learning too? Do you know that Spanish is used more than English around the world?
  30. Make a fortune teller – Do you remember how many hours you used to waste with your friends playing with fortune tellers (also called chatter boxes) Be a child again while you can
  31. Deep clean house – I know, I know this one doesn’t sound fun but it so satisfying to walk around a house that smells like your walking through IKEA. Only way to do this is to super deep clean and fill your house with room themed fragrances i.e coffee in the kitchen is the best
  32. Design your own house on Sims – I am a complete Sims nerd and I am not ashamed to say it one of my favourite things is to try and create a square by square remake of my own home
  33. Practice nail art – We have all seen the pictures online and though, I could do that. Now is the time to learn considering nobody cares what your nails look like under gloves
  34. Practice creative makeup – I do so much creative makeup as a child who drew I grew up to do it on my face and I love it.
  35. Visit the Ritman Library This one might possibly be one of my favourite things out there, many many books on the occult and a heap of books pre 1900 thanks to a generous donation by Dan Brown, Yes, that Dan Brown
  36. Organise Photos – Get them of your phone on to your computer and create all the files you will thank yourself later when your feeling reminiscing and they are lay out perfectly
  37. Learn to make cocktails – Cocktails are great, they are bright and fun and taste delicious they are also super fun to make
  38. Mystery house tour – I’m sure, if your thing is things from the realm of the supernatural you have heard of the Winchester house, no not the Winchester boys no this is the house of Sarah Winchester. You know that crazy rich lady who built a maze of a house because demons told her to. you can now go on a virtual tour around, might be easier than a real life one, wouldn’t want to get lost in there.
  39. Write a bucket list – I’m sure since lock down hit it has got you imagining all the things you cold have done in the beautiful weather. write them down, get on Pintrest if you struggle for ideas you will find literally a bazillion
  40. Learn sign language – If there is anything worth learning it is this, I know bits of Makaton for my job and when my daughter asked if I would teach her I had never been so proud. You would be surprised how much it can make somebodies day to be able to converse when they usually can’t
  41. Organise makeup – My make up needs organising almost daily but since I bought actual organisers it has been so much easier, I know where everything is where everything goes and it is so simple to keep clean
  42. Learn Makaton – I mentioned this one above Makaton is basically baby sign language, a somewhat universal way of signing to people a lot of which is actions that feel extremely natural to what you are trying to convey
  43. Solve a mystery – Subscription boxes are kind of everything right now one of those boxes is the Finders Seekers box which gives you a new mystery and puzzle every month you can even win real prizes for solving it.
  44. Repair your clothes – I at all times have at least two bags of clothes waiting to repaired take some time and fix that jumper you love
  45. Update your linkedin and cv – A lot of people are having to change there profession during this time so taking the opportunity to update your business accounts and cv might prove to be quite important
  46. Guest write for a blog – Many blogs and sites are always looking for guest writers try looking for some we should be your first call though 😉
  47. Learn to code – Coding has became such a good skill to have in this digital age, they have even put it in to the curriculum at many primary schools.
  48. Look up your ancestry – Do you come from a Duke or a farmer or maybe both, finding out your heritage is always interesting
  49. Up-cycle furniture – Don’t just throw away that old dining set you would be shocked how beautiful it can look with some sanding and wood stain get yourself to Pintrest for lots of ideas
  50. Start a bullet journal – If you don’t know what this is head over to our post about Bullet Journals they can be a god send for keeping track of mental health, creating a structured day plan, and motivation over all. Also helps to not miss important appointments
  51. Up-cycle old clothes – So you tried to sew your jumper but its impossible, shame but don’t throw it away just yet yo can get a great pair of slipper socks out of those sleeves with a little cutting and stitching
  52. Clear kitchen cupboards – If you go to the back of your cupboards I’m willing to bet you will find something in a jar with a best before date of 5 years ago, nobody is eating that it is more than safe to throw away what kind of rainy day are you saving it for?
  53. Start a virtual book club – I love to read but I also have a strange love of enjoying discussing my book, my poor partner has to endure almost chapter by chapter catch ups on the goings on of my book might have to take this advice myself
  54. Wash makeup brushes – Did you know you are supposed to wash your makeup brushes every 7-10 days.. not every 3 months, just gonna leave it there I think we all are too busy washing our faces and furiously cleaning our never before cleaned brushes
  55. Listen to a podcast – There are podcasts on literally every subject you will find one you fall in love with and get addicted to
  56. Paint a picture – I don’t mean a smiley face on a piece of paper I mean grab a canvas and take your time create some art you can hang on your wall point to and say, I painted that and I love it
  57. Clear phone – I as an avid user of social media and a lover of photography have to do this constantly every week or so I go on my gallery and its back to over 1,000 images. Fact: phones run so much better when they are not filled with old pictures and old unused apps, clear those cookies as well guys your phone will thank you for it.
  58. Binge Netflix series – We have just had a new season of 13 Reasons Why there are many seasons of Orphan Black and have you watched Rick and Morty yet? Why not, hop to it
  59. Learn a lesson at Hogwarts – There is actually a website set up where you can go and enroll in Hogwarts classes, yes you heard me, I mean Potions, A history or Magic, Transfiguation and a crazy amount more
  60. Learn to play poker – My Dad taught me this when I was about 11 so let me tell you I will beat you all but still you should learn
  61. Practice some origami – You can make boes, t-shirts, blow up pop bang things… the possibilities are endless you may say
  62. Virtual Harry Potter tour – You might not be able to get to London right now but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wizarding world. They are now running virtual tours which last around 1 hour
  63. Watch some animals live in their habitat – Go and check out what animals are up to right now in there natural habitat don’t believe me? Go see for yourself
  64. Teach your pet a new trick – I don’t have pets other than rats, who are supposed to be super smart but that seems to be an uphill battle but I did teach the neighbours cat to climb my leg for a treat… hope they don’t mind
  65. Have a virtual house party – Get everybody together get yourselves on Zoom and dance the night away
  66. Binge all the Marvel movies – I don’t need to say why, do I? erm… Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey?
  67. Play some virtual bingo – There are so many sites where you can go and do this you might even come out a little richer
  68. Clean your oven – Yup, I said it
  69. Learn calligraphy – I have always wrote in cursive because most of the ladies in my family do and they all liked to tell me how vitally important it was when writing letters that my handwritting be perfect… silver lining everybody seems to love my handwriting now
  70. Make your own cosplay – Order some foam and paint fins a tutorial and get to work but the time your finished hopefully the cons will be running again
  71. Go listen to some Shakespeare – There is a site where you can go an watch all of Shakespeare plays, watch them in order and add a little class to your sitting room
  72. Learn to tie-dye – You can even tie dye with bleach, on anything, t-shirts, napkins, cushion covers
  73. Make playlist for every mood – What ever I listen to depends on my mood and so often I star aimlessly at the music player with no specific artist I want to listen to, This is great for those moments..
  74. Clean out your junk draw/s – That way you can re-fill with 2020’s junk… usually if it hasn’t came out you don’t need it but if you don’t want to toss it throw it in a box labelled junk drawer and pop it out of site in your attic, problem solved
  75. Do a puzzle – You don’t have to be 50 to enjoy a puzzle, I love a good cross puzzle
  76. Binge Star Wars – I mean, If you haven’t watched it yet you probably should. I’m also currently making my way through for the first time.
  77. Learn how to save and budget – Yeah, I nearly laughed at this one too, little rich form me but you definitely should. You can find tones of apps that help on your app store
  78. Make a morning routine – The best way to start your day is to know what you are doing for the first three hours, this way you get things done early and are motivated for the rest of the day
  79. Binge Lord of the rings – This is also on my to do list as I feel kind of weird being nearly 30 and still having not watched it.. I love elves how has this even happened
  80. Learn from a celebrity – Masterclass is and amazing place where you can go any learn from celebrities who know the subject well currently this includes; Hans Zimmer, The RuPaul, Deadmau5, Samuel L Jackson and countless more its only £14.17 a month for all classes too, though annoyingly it is billed annually.
  81. Plan and prep your next week of meals – You will be so thankful you did this, good for your brain, good for your body and definitely good on your purse strings
  82. Clean all mirrors – Trust me you are not airbrushed they just dirty
  83. Make an Amazon wish list – I swear by these for holidays you can never go wrong if you have a list of things your partner, friend or family member has chosen to put in a wish list, also you no longer have to hint so there is that
  84. Binge all the Harry Potters – If I have to say why I am shocked and appalled
  85. Give yourself a mani and pedi – Just because you can’t get into a nail bar doesn’t mean your nails can’t look pretty do you partners too, nothing wrong with a clear coat
  86. Delete all your old contacts – You moved away from that garage 4 years ago, you think you still need that number, just in case? Your never going to use them why are they still there? Delete
  87. Write a letter to your future self – This is always fun, you can make goals or you can just thank future you for carrying on, we all have drama, we all have heartbreak, be kind to yourself
  88. Cancel old subscriptions to apps – You have to be tired of seeing that £3.99 go out of your bank monthly on an app you don’t use, go into your app store settings and click unsubscribe, it’s that easy
  89. Make a scrapbook – I always keep movie ticket stubs or random bits of ribbon from birthday cakes if you do to a scrapbook is the perfect place to put these, a couple of pictures and a little writing about the day and you will never forget it
  90. Start a recipe book – Why not start your own family tradition recipies and note them down in your own recipe book. For all you know you could be the next Betty Or Jamie
  91. Watch a documentary – If there is something you don’t know too much about the best thing you can do for society is educate yourself, just remember every editor is biased to there own opinion, I myself am it is human nature so never watch one and take it for fact watch a couple, read and make your own decision
  92. Study something, anything – In the UK the government is currently working with a company offereing classes for free for anybody who is wanting to take part, all online and and all can be done in your spare time without costing you a penny. There are so many things like this if you look around
  93. Treat yourself – Go online and buy that thing you have been wanting for ages
  94. Write a to-read list – Do you screenshot books you want to read or note them down somewhere, find them all and write an actual list and start making your way through. You might find a new all time favourite
  95. Listen to an audio book – I adore audio books, when I am struggling with insomnia I listen to them so often so that I am not distracted by watching TV. Mostly I listen to my favourites but its nice to listen to new ones every once in a while
  96. Clean out your car – Find that weird smell, clean your carpets, wipe down your dash and enjoy a squeaky clean new car feeling
  97. Change career – If ever there was a time for a complete 360 on what you do it is now, It’s a big decision to make but it may be the best one you ever make so give it some real consideration. Are you happy in what you do? Forget what your parents told you, you are supposed to love and have doing your job otherwise whats the point?
  98. Review bank statements – Take your last 3 months bank statements and work out exactly where your money has been going. If you are spending more on pizza than you are on your electricity you should probably spend less on pizza
  99. Write a five year plan – You don’t have to keep to it, life is ever changing and the person you are now may be a stranger to the person you are in 5 years but it is still always healthy to have a direction you want to move in clear in your mind
  100. Update passwords – Most people don’t change their passwords anywhere as much as they should and because of this they end up with ex’s using there Netflix.. no I joke but being hacked can be a real issue with the amount of personal information you have on your accounts that you wouldn’t want others to have you should really be changing them every 3 months or at least making sure you have 2 factor verification for all logins where you can
  101. Backup phone – I kind of touched on this earlier but recently I thought I lost my phone (I hadn’t it was hiding in the car which kind of calls back to clear your car) I was so devastated because not only did I have work on there and many many images I had shot for various brands and people I also had no tracker on it, needless to say that is fixed now and if you don’t I suggest you do the same and try to back up as often as possible

Have you enjoyed this list, let me know what you have got up to through lock down in the comments and I would love to see any images of anything you have done of the list

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