Top 9 British Cosplayers to watch out for

I absolutely love an excuse to dress up which is half of the reason that Halloween was always my favourite holiday growing up until I decided why the hell do I need a day to tell me I can be a mermaid for the day? …..

I don’t, you don’t. Stop telling us we do. I adore makeup and doing anything creative with it so doing cosplay to me is hugely reliant upon a good face of makeup, not everybody’s taste but is definitely mine so expect some makeup heavy cosplays!

A quick history of Cosplay

Before cosplay came costuming, an art form which began in Cincinnati, the first instance of this being recorded in 1908, It stayed as quite an ‘underground’ form of expressionism until the release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975, it was the fans of this new movie, a flash back to bygone sci-fi movies, that thrust both the b-movie and costuming into the lime light it became the done thing for fans to show up at the cinema in full costume to watch and engage with the movie as it was screened, it was for this reason that Rocky Horror quickly became a hit and also the longest-continuously running movie to date. Cosplay, is a term used to describe costuming and play. It began around 1984 in Japan when Nobuyuki Takahashi coined the term, since then it has become increasingly popular in Britain mainly amongst gaming and movie fanatic circles.

So, in respect for the wonderful craft that is Cosplay here are my top 9 Cosplayers to look out for if your in the UK and a couple of things they had to say on Cosplay

#9 – Chaos Quinzel as Harley Quinn

“I love cosplay as it allows me the freedom to express myself creatively. I’m never not making things! From wig styling to making foam armour, casting in resin to soldering jewellery or sewing an under-suit, cosplay has taught me so many skills, and even now I’m still learning new things. The cosplay community is so lovely and supportive, and I have met so many of my closest friends through the hobby ; it’s been an honour to watch their talents progress and improve over the years, too!”

#8 – Killer Quinn as Spider Gwen

“My favourite thing about cosplay is how creative you can be and how supportive the people and your friends can be about it all! Everyone is so sweet and helpful and I’ve never felt luckier to be in a community as I do now!” Photography by Thesteamtog

#7 – Soro-cos as Junko

“My favourite thing about cosplay is the sense of escapism it provides, the way you can leave your normal self behind to completely embody a character that not only means a lot to you but to others too”

#6 – Wayward af as Stansa Stark

“my favourite thing about cosplay is the creativity behind it! It can be anything you want it to be whether you mix match characters, make the costumes yourself, or just have fun sourcing costume pieces and putting stuff together. There are so many ways a person can put together a cosplay. It’s such a creative hobby and that’s why I love it” Photography by Samuel Triggs

#5 – Hannah In Wonderland as Mera

“My favourite thing about cosplay is the ability to become someone or something else. Your favourite superhero or villain, a role model or your favourite childhood character. It allows you to be creative and have fun.. whether that’s making a cosplay or experimenting with makeup/body paint or getting into character for an event or photo shoot.” photography By Si.VISUALZ

#4 – The Crystal Wolf as Wonder Woman

“I am a cosplayer who is more on the making side of things. My favourite thing about it is becoming a character, any character, of my choice. I love learning new skills along the way, problem-solving and gaining that sense of achievement. A lot of people work on a whole range of crafting projects, but cosplaying in particular means you get to experience your work by physically wearing it and have fun doing it!” PHOTOGRAPHY BY aLASDAIR wATSON

#3 – King Tide as Aqua Man

“My favourite thing about cosplay is being able to combine my creative abilities with my personal fandom for all things geeky. Visiting conventions and meeting other like minded people that share the same passion as you, that you wouldn’t necessarily meet in every day life. I’ve met some pretty amazing people along my several years of cosplay and cons, some of which are a big part of my life now” Photography by Toneagraphy

#2 – Carlaa Quinn as Harley Quinn

“So I got into cosplay November 2016 after doing Harley for Halloween and loving her outfit. Then after following some fan accounts on Instagram I came across cosplay and went for it and have now added so many more cosplays and I’m still upgrading Harls to this day.
My favourite thing about cosplay is definitely the confidence I get from it and also the friends too I’ve made so many life long friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise!” Photography by Unmadesugar Photography

#1 – Riot Rogers as Evil-Lyn

“My favourite thing about Cosplay is the creative process behind it. It’s not often in adult life that we get to make “useless” things just for enjoyment. There’s always this push that hobbies have to be productive and useful, that if you’re making something. “Why make a costume when you could make useful clothing to wear everyday?”. Cosplay, for me, is an excuse to make crazy outfits I would never have an excuse to wear outside of cosplay. I can make articulated armour, or a wizard hat that’s a meter and a half wide. It’s just creativity for the sake of it, just for your enjoyment.” Photography By anstellos

I would say my over all take is that the community is quite possibly the best thing about cosplay to its cosplayers, I personally look forward to this Lock down being lifted and going to my first con and telling you guys all about it.

Quick Harley look I did in honour of this post for you guys

Hope you guys enjoyed this countdown, If you want to see more like this send me a message, leave a comment or find me through any of my socials the name NAYLORTOAWALL will have you find me anywhere


  1. Great to see people getting noticed. I hope this doesn’t make me sound salty as it’s not meant at all but it’s a shame there’s only one male referenced here, would love to see more guys in these kinda things 😊


    1. Hi I completely agree I did try to get in touch with a few male cosplayers but had an unfortunate situation where I didnt hear back so couldn’t put them in. I am starting a series which will feature a different cosplayer each time


  2. Does this really portray the cosplay community, sure the skills of these cosplayers are quite exceptional but it would be nice to see a bit of diversity.


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