Everything You Need To Know About June’s Look Fantastic Mystery Box

I am such a sucker for anything with a mystery, so when I saw that Look Fantastic had a sale on their July Mystery Box I had to. 6 mystery products worth at least £50 for just £10? I feel like I would have to be crazy to say no to that. So, I ordered away and patiently waited (that’s a lie, when ever I am awaiting a delivery I’m at the door each morning like a dog looking for the postman) thankfully the wait was short lived and my box was delivered 4 days later. Took a couple days to test everything and now I am ready to give you guys all my thoughts on this months box.

Look Fantastic Mystery Beauty Box

If you are new to the Look Fantastic brand here are a few details you might want to know, if you are already a huge fan feel free to scroll on by and jump straight into the box!

Look Fantastic was founded in 1996 by Daniel Crown, growing up in a family where grooming was a daily part of life (his Father ran a health and beauty salon) it is no shock that he went on to stay in this industry and create quite an impressive website and business. Look Fantastic is now a Europe’s #1 premium beauty retailer with over 22,000 different products! Not too shabby ey? Ever the man for growth Daniel Crown has now entered into a huge partnership with The Hut Group which is a retail beauty network and has to even joined their board to help over see everything! An impressive man to say the least.

Now, lets not waste any time and jump right in. I have been so excited to share this box with you guys. There are so many products that I am completely in love with and may very well have jumped straight to the top of my favourites list!

Bella pierre Cosmetics – Kiss Proof Lip Cream In Miami Gloss RRP- £15

So this was the first one to jump out at me. I adore anything to do with lips, lipstick, lip gloss, lip exfoliants. I am a huge fan of anything to make my lips look full but also not give me that I can’t touch anything feeling. This lip cream is amazing and I will tell you why. Firstly it is full size, secondly, the colour is not only beauty but is so, so reflective of the light so has this crazy shine to it and thirdly, it is completely kiss proof. Like completely, a few seconds after applying it you can rub at your lips like crazy and it is not budging!

Regenerate enamel science – Advanced Toothpaste RRP£2.50

This one I though was a bit of an odd one to get in a beauty box but I am sold on it. It has a nice mintyness that isn’t overpowering at all if anything it fees like your enjoying a breath mint as you brush away. The paste itself looks like a crystal glitter which, technically shouldn’t matter but I love glitter so, plus to me. Teeth are left feeling extra smooth all day even after eating foods that usually leave a residue and there is no bad aftertaste or much of an aftertaste at all so feel free to brush before breakfast. Little hard to find one in this size but you can pick up a larger tube from Boots for £10 (currently £6.67 if you get there quick enough)

This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray RRP £10

They couldn’t pick a better name if they tried because, this does work! I really struggle to sleep because I never switch off. There are always a million things going through my mind at night which is why I keep at least 3 organised and sectioned notebooks next to my bed so I can jot things down but since using this that hasn’t been a problem. I fell asleep almost immediately, if I did wake up I will fall back asleep straight away, my whole sleep seems to be one long deep sleep and the morning, I wake up so refreshed and ready for the day. I can’t sing the praises of this stuff enough I love it so much. The scent as well!! Oh my goodness, it is the most beautiful mix of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile.

Balance me – Congested Skin Serum RRP£10

Unfortunatly, I couldn’t really test this one for what it is mainly used for as it is aimed to people who struggle with spots and acne and considering I get maybe 3 spots a year it isn’t really aimed to my skin, But, I did try it and what I will say is the scent is phenomenal it kind of wakes you up and almost feels like there is a soft breeze on your face where you have applied it. Also I have crazy sensitive skin and dry skin and this did not hurt or bother my skin at all.

The Balm Cosmetics – Foiled Again RRP £4

Sadly, when I opened this it was quite broken but other than this it is amazing the packaging is beautiful. With the top being held closed via an internal magnet it feels like opening a book a little bit, which with the comic book graphic on the front felt quite perfect. The colour is amazing, it is so highly pigmented and super easy to blend. The singles are quite difficult to find but you can buy the palette with all 12 shades for £27

Lord & Berry – Magic Brow RRP £15

If you are looking fora hard pencil that can draw precise lines this product is exactly what you are looking for! Can be sharpened to create a super fine edge and can be used to draw on each individual hair. Such a good product and is most defiantly going to be my new daily eyebrow pencil.

This box has been such a treat my star product of the month has to be the This Works Pillow Spray, I have used this for two nights now and both nights I have slept through gone to sleep almost immediately and woke up feeling pretty great. The total worth of this box is £56.50 which when compared to the box that only cost £10 that is such a crazy saving! Definitely one happy customer. Should I make this a monthly slot? Let me know what you think in the comments

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