Shane Dawson Is A Sexual Predator

Image by The Bui Brothers

I am ashamed to admit that I have for a couple of years been a huge Shane Dawson fan, I would watch every conspiracy video he did but not much else of his content. Today that has changed, drastically. This morning I woke to my partner telling me to look into the peodophilia claims that have been made about him.


Lets make one thing crystal clear. They are not claims, it is fact Shane Dawson is a sexual predator. If you need proof head over to Rainas thread on Twitter and you will be provided with proof in the shed loads. HUGE TRIGGER WARNING though, there are so many videos and audio recordings of him abusing young children.

“good job Lucy, but next time shake your tits more, and you, take of your jacket and show more”

Shane Dawson yelling at two 12 year old girls

After watching all of these I refuse to join in the conversation of it being up for debate, it’s not a joke, or funny, if you are willing to make these ‘jokes’ or commit these actions you are not only a sexual predator but you are also a paedophile. Here are just two reasons why, (FYI I could have listed numerous but just one of these acts is enough) Shane Dawson asked extremely young girls to expose themselves to him, he received a lap dance from a 12 year old girl after he filmed her giving another 12 year old girl a lap dance.

“So why is when somebody like, googles naked baby on google and jerks of to it they can get arrested? I don’t understand that”

Shane Dawson discussing why paedophilia is justified

Why is this an online issue? Why is this not a police issue? I realise in general the police are pretty fucking useless and in a lot of situations cause as much crime as they detect but surely actual video evidence should be enough to start an investigation and prosecute.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but she’s like sexy”

Shane Dawson talking about a 6 year old girl

We need to stop with cancel culture, like saying ‘Shane Dawson is over’ is anywhere enough of a punishment for what he has done. It is not. Not even close. He should not be above the law. Therefor, I suggest we start using the hashtag #imprisonshane.

“Damn, if iJustine wasn’t watching I would rape all of you”

Shane Dawson, while looking at pictures of young fans

Lets get the police to pay attention and maybe for once actually do their job.

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