It’s hard to describe a person who can be, doing a glam makeup look one day, squeezing through a cave the next and writing about politics over the weekend, in a couple of sentences.

Naylortoawall came about one day…

when our editor was trying to work out what her niche was, she had been asked and quickly realised she didn’t have just one.

She was a makeup enthusiast and girly girl who enjoyed jumping into mud and extreme sports then coming home getting a bath and putting on a lacy dress. She wanted to write about what ever she was feeling, create the content that felt natural without being put into a box. Then the idea was born a magazine style blog with multiple contributors all there to further their craft and write because it is fun or they just have something to say.

So many times we have been asked about the name so we will explain. Naylor, is a last name our editor is known by the toawall part? During school some people thought it would be funny to make a joke of her name resembling the words ‘nail her’ years later she decided to take that bak and name her entire brand after a misguided attempt at bullying. Something that says yeah, you didn’t get to me. Thus began the name Naylortoawall

So now, we are always on the lookout for writers, bloggers and content creators who are looking for a platform to say what they want to say, build their brand and hopefully teach us a couple of things along the way. It might be a new recipe, a few new hairstyles, what we definitely should be reading this summer or just how to laugh. There is a place for everybody. If you are interested we are just one contact form away

A Note From Our Editor

So many people are asked daily who they are, expected to know of the top of the heads a few select words that describe the entire character they have spent years building up. When I can tell you with a surety I have no idea and I wouldn’t change that at all!

I am a woman, a mother, a bride to be, an adventurer, respite worker, crafter, baker, list maker, learner, teacher, climber, kayaker, a blonde, a writer, a terrible speller, a worrier, photographer, a procrastinator, a night owl, a long mornings in bed person. I am all of these things and much much more. I guess you will just have to have a peruse through my posts and decide who you think I am yourself.

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