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5 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Hey beauties! First let me remind you, you are already gorgeous! Our skin is one of most delicate parts of us but our hectic routines, pollution, alcohol consumption and many more factors take away the natural glow of skin leaving it dull and rough. “Problems come with solutions” So, here are some very beneficial home […]

The Poor Mans Burrito

Unless you know me personally you probably have no clue on where I come from and let me tell you now we certainly were not rich, but, my Mother always did her best to keep food on our table she did this by creating the most ingenious ways to take nothing and make a delicious […]

Not Saying No Is Not Consent

So firstly I think we speak to the parents who clearly don’t know what consent is themselves and are in turn raising future rapists. Here is a quick run down for you, the official definition of consent is ‘permission for something to happen’ the official definition of permission is ‘the action of officially allowing someone […]

How To Help People Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Do you think somebody you know might be suffering from domestic abuse? Or have you found out that somebody you are close to has been and is leaving the situation? What ever the reason you are here you are already helping. You might feel a little helpless in this situation but believe me sympathising and […]

Shane Dawson Is A Sexual Predator

I am ashamed to admit that I have for a couple of years been a huge Shane Dawson fan, I would watch every conspiracy video he did but not much else of his content. Today that has changed, drastically. This morning I woke to my partner telling me to look into the peodophilia claims that […]

The Best 5 Point Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

Good Morning Beauties A good morning skincare routine is just as important as a good meal to break your fast from the night before. Your skin has been rubbed on the fabric of your pillow, oils drawn out and moisture soaked up over the hours of sleep. If like me you wear make up most […]

We Need to Change How We Talk About Body Positivity.

Hi, I’m Ruby, a 25 year old feminist with a bsc(hons) in Psychology. I’m a hairy, fat, bisexual who believes in body positivity because, “If you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else.” Can I get an Amen. What is The Body Positive Movement? Body positivity is a common hashtag […]

5 Keanu Reeves Movies You Have to See

Throughout this series I’ll be listing my 5 favourite films by various actors. It’ll be a mix of their big hits and some hidden gems that hopefully gives you something new to watch! Known for having most of his success in the 90’s Keanu Reeves is currently in the midst of his “Keanusance” thanks to […]

The Beauty Trend Taking The World By Storm

Animal Print Everything! I am sure you have seen it by now, almost everywhere you look these days if it isn’t face masks for sale or the TikTok logo it is animal print but it is no longer just covering our bodies it is on the eyes, on the face even on the lips and […]


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