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5 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Hey beauties! First let me remind you, you are already gorgeous! Our skin is one of most delicate parts of us but our hectic routines, pollution, alcohol consumption and many more factors take away the natural glow of skin leaving it dull and rough. “Problems come with solutions” So, here are some very beneficial home […]

The Poor Mans Burrito

Unless you know me personally you probably have no clue on where I come from and let me tell you now we certainly were not rich, but, my Mother always did her best to keep food on our table she did this by creating the most ingenious ways to take nothing and make a delicious […]

Not Saying No Is Not Consent

So firstly I think we speak to the parents who clearly don’t know what consent is themselves and are in turn raising future rapists. Here is a quick run down for you, the official definition of consent is ‘permission for something to happen’ the official definition of permission is ‘the action of officially allowing someone […]

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